Walnut Hollow Creative Metal Kit

Walnut Hollow


The Creative Metal Clock kit includes a 6 x 6inch Sutton Square Clock, AA batteries required, not included, bezel 9.25 x 12 inch sheet of light aluminum metal, 5 x 7 inch foam mat 5 x 7 inch, acrylic mat 8 x 5 inch, design sheet texture tool point handle, nylon universal point, nylon detailer, medium roller, 6.6 feet metal tape and project instructions. The Creative Metal Frame Kit includes: 10 x 8 inch wood frame that holds a 5 x 7 inch photo. Metal (light aluminum 9.25 x 12 inch sheet), foam mat and acrylic mat (5 x 7 inch each). 1 Design sheet A, 1 texture tool and handle points. Universal nylon detailer, medium roller metal tape and instructions for projects. Creative Metal Box Kit. These great little boxes would make fantastic gifts, keepsake and memento boxes and more. The Creative Metal Box Kit includes: two hinged boxes (1.75 x 3.12 x 4.50 inch), one light aluminum 9.25 x 12 inch sheet, one each foam mat 5 x 7 inch, acrylic mat 5 x 7 inch, one design sheet A, one texture tool, three handle points: nylon universal, nylon detailer and medium roller, Metal tape and instructions for projects.

  • Includes: 6 Inch x6 Inch Sutton Square Clock with bezel, 9-1/4 Inch x12 Inch sheet of light alumin
  • 5 Inch x7 Inch foam mat, 5 Inch x7 Inch acrylic mat & 8 Inch x5 Inch design sheet
  • Texture tool, point handle & nylon universal point
  • Nylon detailer, medium roller & 6.6' metal tape
  • Project instructions