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Frawleys Variety

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EASY TO USE: Store the BeepEgg together with the real eggs, cook them together in a pot, and wait until the BeepEgg plays the corresponding melody. Now, cool down the real eggs and BeepEgg together, and enjoy the perfectly cooked egg. 

🎵 THREE MELODIES FOR THREE DEGREES OF DONENESS: Whether soft-boiled, medium-boiled, or hard-boiled, Rooster BeepEgg plays a different classic tune for each stage. "Farmer In The Dell" for soft-boiled eggs, "Old MacDonald" for the perfect medium-boiled egg, and "Turkey In The Straw" once the hard-boiled egg is ready.

🎁 FUNCTIONAL GIFT IDEA: A beautiful gift for any occasion. It brings a smile and has a clever function!

💡 MORE THAN JUST A TIMER: BeepEgg is based on a thermal model. It is IMPORTANT to store the BeepEgg and the real eggs together so that they have the same starting temperature. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether you begin the cooking process with cold or boiling water.

⛰️ WORKS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Thanks to its temperature-based technology, it doesn't matter how many eggs you cook simultaneously. You can even cook eggs with different degrees of doneness in a single cooking process (which is not possible with a traditional egg cooker). Simply remove the respective eggs when the corresponding melody plays. By the way, BeepEgg works at all altitudes (water boils at a different temperature in the mountains compared to sea level).

MADE IN GERMANY: Developed and manufactured in Germany.