NEW Hexbug Nitro Circus Capture It! CLOWN CART PLAYSET BOX SET

Innovation First

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Innovation First Lab NEW Hexbug Nano Nitro Circus Capture It! FAST Priority Shipping

Innovation First Labs - Hexbug Nano Nitro Circus - Capture It! Rip the cord and launch your stuntman over a two-piece ramp! 
Prepare for the ultimate crash landing, with HEXBUG Nitro Circus Capture It!. 
Record your daring antics and watch them back with real-time augmented reality, using the Nitro Circus App.! Nitro Circus App. Compatible.

Two-Piece Ramp. Augmented Reality Chips. Includes Mr. Lathers, Bathtub, Boo Boo Giggles, Shopping Cart. Ages 8 years and up.