Kuroba! Frossmelt & Practice Cube Training Pack


SKU: 202610319020

  • Collectible Creatures with a Twist. Kuroba is a new way to challenge your friends to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors! Select your strategy and battle or train with your own Practice Cube!
  • Set includes a collectible Frossmelt character cube, Frossmelt collectible gem, and a Kuroba Practice Cube.
  • Practice your Kuroba Keeper skills and send Frossmelt into battle!
  • It is a well-known fact that you should never look a Frossmelt in the eyes, for when you do you are immediately frozen in place, which is not a state you want to be in when you find one charging toward you with it's icy cold horns. If you're planning on taking on this Ice Kuro, bring your ear muffs, and a Fire Kuro.
  • Frossmelt charge into battle and uses their horns to ram their opponents into submission. They can freeze any opponent and expand their size in battle as they charge their opponent, getting to the size of an elephant.
  • Choose your strategy and go head to head with other Kuroba Keepers