Hamilton SoftGrip Single Channel Fixed Volume Pipette 5501919 12" Length 1000 µL


SKU: 202486057274

SoftGrip fixed volume pipettes feature slim design that allows the pipette to reach the bottom of narrow tubes without the need for extended length tips. Designed to provide high accuracy, precision and reproducibility with liquid aspiration and dispensing. SoftGrip tip nozzle ensures a proper fit with all universal pipette tips. An isolated volume adjustment prevents accidental volume setting change. New duel indicator improves volume adjustment accuracy. Pipettes are designed to rest comfortably in hand and completely autoclavable for easy decontamination and sterilization. Durable slim ejection sleeve is made for a high strength, chemically resistant polymer. Unique color coding and labeling clearly indicates the volume of the pipettes.

SoftGrip pipettes have a universal calibration key that offers quick user calibration within minutes, eliminates downtime and reduces costly calibration services. Calibration to NIST and supplied with Certificate of Calibration.

High quality construction
Dual indicator improves volume adjustment accuracy
Fully autoclavable