Gel'n Bath 600g/21oz in Lavender

Gel'n Bath


Turning the tub into an absolute playground of sensuality, 'Nmore's unique Gel'n Bath powder, aside from offering a wonderfully soothing scent and skin-softening, therapeutic properties, also transforms water into thousands of soft, moisturizing, exfoliating gel beads that roll over and around the body with exquisite results. Perfect for lovers to enjoy together, creating a fantastically massage-worthy space, not to mention an unforgettable environment for sex and foreplay, Gel'n Bath is perfect for a simple relaxing soak after a long day. To get started, fill the tub about halfway and adjust to the desired temperature. Next, sprinkle the colored powder labelled 'Step 1' evenly over the surface of the water, stirring with a hand for a few moments to dissolve. Within 4-5 minutes, the water will form a pool of soft gel beads, at this point, climb in and enjoy. When bath-time's over, add the entire second bag of simple salt to dissolve the gel- wait about 15 minutes before emptying the tub to be sure the gel is fully liquid. This product should not be used in jet baths or jacuzzis.