Dream Wall Wall Decal with Night Light, Happy Ladder with Height Marker

wall dream


Dream wall DIY removable wall decals with night light provide a fun and creative way to decorate your child's room. With these stickers you'll be sure to add plenty of color, depth, fun to your child's life. The lampshade is a seamless part of the wall decal and blends in beautifully to give a 3-dimensional effect. The stickers are easily removable. You can apply them without any hassle and mess that come with most other means of design like painting that can be costly, time-consuming, and laborious. They're extremely easy to use.

  • Give color and character to your child's room with these DIY stickers and 3D lamp
  • Easy to assemble and install and replace (if needed)
  • Package includes DIY instructions, stickers, wall lamp with wire plug, screws and rubber expansion
  • Lampshade combines seamlessly with wall decals and provides soft subdued 3D night light that will not disturb your child's sleep
  • Lamp is made from high temperature resistant plastic and stickers are made from PVC