Cut Out Butterfly Necklace

Cut Out Butterfly Necklace SALE

Frawleys Variety

$24.95 $30.00

Cut out butterfly necklace created in copper and gold with colorful background. Buy handmade butterfly necklaces original and fun to wear. This amazing butterfly necklace is so pretty and feminine and you will not see them anywhere else.

Cut Out butterfly necklace handmade from copper with gold plated border & dangle colorful copper artwork as background to create a 3D look. This stylish & elegant pendant is about 1.5 inches in size. Amazingly unique handmade necklaces are available with 20 inches long gold plated dainty chain. Buy unique necklaces that will exceed your expectations with superior craftsmanship quality and fine details. You can see the colorful artwork through the etched outs of this butterfly pendant. You will love the dainty gold-plated chain.